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Steve & Debbie Overguard also owns Overall Outfitting which offers deer and elk hunting.
Steve can offer you 27 years experience in the Guiding and Outfitting Industry. Steve has guided in Northern B.C., N.W.T., and here in Alberta, where he was born and raised.

Elk camps are comfortable tent camps with wood stoves. The deer hunts are in the farmland where Steve lives. At home they have a log cabin with a wood stove for your privacy and enjoyment.

All hunters are picked up at the nearest airport, Calgary, Alberta.

Everything is supplied except your personal gear, sleeping bag, clothes, etc. The fall game hunts in November can be as low as -30F.


deer hunt - you can  make it a combination of two animals, example: whitetail deer and elk

are in the month of November,
when the Monarchs of Alberta are in full rut.

On all hunts you can make it a combination of two animals.

Whitetail Deer & Elk,
Mule Deer & Elk,
or Canadian Moose & Deer.


elk hunt in the Limestone, Clearwater area

are in the prime time of September during the rut.

We hunt the Limestone, Clearwater, Forbidden and Panther River drainages where many record book elk have been taken.

For more information and booking please contact:

Steve & Debbie Overguard
RR#1, Sundre, Alberta, T0M 1X0
Phone: (403) 638-2735
Fax: (403) 638-2184

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